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Serie A Football Shirts

The football shirts of Serie A are big business and I’m not just talking about in Italy. From AC Milan to Roma - football fans from all around the world wait with great interest for the latest kits from the Serie A sides.

But what do we think of when considering the football shirts of the top Italian sides? Sleek designs and well fitted shirts are certainly two things that spring to mind. Unfortunately, those Italians love their bright colours and despite being the most fashionable country in the world, Italy are still capable of turning out some truly horrible shirts.

Choose from the list of Serie A sides below and view, review, comment and buy football shirts from World Football Shirts.

Roma Football Shirts

Roma home shirt 11/12

Roma continue to get their shirts from Kappa, so this is very familiar fair.

Juventus Football Shirts

Juventus home 11/12

Just when you thought there was nothing new you could do with black and white stripes, the latest Juventus football shirt goes and makes you look silly.

Fiorentina Football Shirts

Fiorentina home shirt 11/12

The new home Fiorentina football shirt for the 11/12 season is manufactured by Lotto and has a few notable changes from the last top.

Udinese Football Shirts

Udinese Football Shirt

Udinese a club that not many of us hear about have their own take on the black and white stripes. Rather than completely black stripes they have integrated thin white lines within it making it a very effective looking shirt from both up close and a distance.

Torino Football Shirts


Torino have their latest football shirts manufactured by Kappa and the simple design works quite nicely I have to say.

Siena Football Shirts


Liking the latest Siena football shirts. I think they’re doing well with black and white which a lot of teams have been failing with in my opinion.

Sampdoria Football Shirts

Sampdoria home shirt 10/11

It goes against every ounce of my moral being to note down that I like a football shirts manufactured by Kappa, but these Sampdoria football shirts for 10/11 season are just fantastic. 

Reggina Football Shirts


The Reggina football shirts are probably my favourite of all the current efforts from the Italian leagues.

Parma Football Shirts

Parma Football Shirt

I am a little surprised at Parma’s choice for their home shirt I would have thought they would have gone with the colours that they use for their away shirt something that they have done in the past.

Palermo Football Shirts

Palermo Football Shirt

Oh dear, that’s pretty much all I can say to be honest. At least with the home shirt that is, you have to admire the club though for having the guts to let their players walk out in this colour.

Napoli Football Shirts

Napoli Football Shirt

I can’t explain exactly why it is, but I don’t really care much for the latest Napoli football shirts - so i’ll apologise for that in advance.

Livorno Football Shirts


I like the Livorno football shirts even though I don’t think they’re particularly Italian in style.

Lazio Football Shirts

Lazio home shirt 11/12

Lazio are another of Italy’s famous clubs and again I think they could be losing the way when it comes to designing football shirts. However that said I do like this seasons home shirt.

Genoa Football Shirts

Genoa Football Shirt

The Genoa home shirt is made by Errea and is a red and blue halved shirt with alternate red and blue arms. It has a rounded neck line with no sponsors logo something which is apparent on a few Italian shirts this season. Maybe their rich enough already or not popular enough to get a sponsor. I’d go with the latter.

Empoli Football Shirts


If someone had asked me if I liked Empoli football shirts ten minutes ago I would have probably looked blankly and then made something up. But you know what, I actually do like them so it makes life a lot easier for everyone involved thankfully.

Catania Football Shirts


There’s some nice touches to the latest Catania football shirts, but there’s also some things that I really don’t like. Allow me to lay these facts out in front of you so you can make your own informed judgement.

Cagliari Football Shirts


Well, the latest Cagliari football shirts are certainly interesting.

Atlanta Football Shirts

Atlanta Football Shirt

Atalanta’s home shirt is black and blue vertical stripes just the same as Inter Milan but I’m afraid no where near as good.