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International Football Shirts

Buying international football shirts is a popular choice for many football fans. It gives supporters the chance to wear colours they otherwise wouldn’t, without feeling the guilt of shirking their allegiance to their club.

International football shirts, like club shirts change every two years or so but receive even worse scrutiny from fans. After all, these shirts represent an entire nation and when national pride is at stake, tempers can get even more frayed.

Use the links below to find the international football shirt that you’re looking for and leave your comments in the boxes at the bottom of each page.

Slovenia Football Shirts

Slovenia World Cup Top

Not many people know a lot about Slovenia as a footballing nation, but that will change this summer when they grace the biggest competition in the world and take center stage against England.

Greece Football Shirts

Greece World Cup Top

Greece shocked everyone by winning the European Championships a few years back and whose to say they can't repeat the feat and life the World Cup this summer?

Uruguay Football Shirts

Uruguary World Cup Shirt

Uruguay have a rich World Cup history and are always a competetive team, even if they perhaps aren't the footballing force they once were, back in the 50s and 60s.

Mexico Football Shirts

Mexico World Cup Top

Mexico have given us some classic World Cup moments over the years and it probably wouldn't have been quite the same competition, if the South Americans hadn't eventually qualified.

South Africa Football Shirts

South Africa World Cup Shirt

The hosts of the 2010 World Cup have heavy expectations on their shoulders, but with a passionate home crowd behind them, who knows how far they can go?

New Zealand Football Shirts

New Zealand World Cup Shirt

They might be going into the 2010 World Cup is a firm underdogs, but the New Zealand football shirts will definitely be challenging for honours with the best teams in the world this summer.

Belgium Football Shirts


Nike do the honours with the latest Belgium football shirts and they're manufactured to a very high standard, as you'd probably expect from Nike.

Ivory Coast Football Shirts

Ivory Coast World Cup 2010 Shirt

Not only has the profile of African football increased dramatically over the last 10 to 15 years, but the Ivory Coast have become one of the continent's leading sides.

Nigeria Football Shirts

Nigeria World Cup Top

Nigeria have always had some wonderfully talented players and are deserving of a top quality football shirt. Fortunately, on this occassion, Adidas have really delivered.

Serbia Football Shirts

Serbia 2010 World Cup Top

Serbia strolled to qualification for the 2010 World Cup and could well be one of the surprise packages of the competition. Their shirts are certainly worth a place in the knockout stages.

South Korea Football Shirts

Korea World Cup Shirt

Nike keep it simple with the latest South Korea football shirts for the 2010 World Cup and have done a neat, if not overly impressive job.

Japan Football Shirts


Adidas have really gone mad with these latest Japan football shirts and in my humble opinion, they're a brilliant success.

Cameroon Football Shirts


The new Cameroon football shirt for the 2008-10 season is all green with red trims around the arms and the V neck collar.

China Football Shirts


Plain and simple this time for the China football shirts and I have to say, Adidas have done an excellent job with the manufacturing and design.

Australia Football Shirts


The Australia football shirts represent an emerging force in the world game as Aussie football continues to experience a growing reputation.

USA Football Shirts

USA World Cup Top

The USA come face to face with Englang at the 2010 World Cup and if their shirts are anything to go by, the Americans mean business in South Africa.

Russia Football Shirts


Russia are one of the fastest growing footballing nations in the world and their national team are growing in stature every year.

Republic of Ireland Football Shirts


The green of the Republic of Ireland football shirts has never been so beautifully presented as it is with these current tops, manufactured by Umbro.

Wales Football Shirts


The Welsh national side are still trying to find that winning combination that will enable them to qualify for a major tournament, but that doesn't mean that Wales football shirts aren't worn with pride.

Spain Football Shirts


The latest Spain football shirt is manufactured by Adidas and as always, they've really come up with the goods.

Argentina Football Shirts

Argentina World Cup Top

Adidas do the honours with the latest Argentina football shirts and do a pretty good job. Unfortunately, there is never really a lot you can do with an Argentina top because of the nature of the traditional design.

Brazil Football Shirts

Brazil Home Football Shirt

The latest Brazil football shirts have gone back to basics and I absolutely love them. They're bright, fun and energetic which perfectly embodies this wonderful national team.

Italy Football Shirts

Italy Home Football Shirt

We all expect Italy football shirts to be overstyled nonsense that are only worn by posers and Italians and combinations of both these things.

Holland Football Shirts


Holland's new football shirt is manufactured by Nike and once again is all orange.

It has a V neck collar, half of it with a red, white and blue trim which is a nice touch.

Germany Football Shirts


The Germany football shirt for 2007-09 is iconic white and is manufactured by Adidas.

England Football Shirts


The new England football shirt for 2009-11 is one that may or may not cause some controversy.