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German Football Shirts

German football fans are some of the most passionate fans in Europe and
follow their clubs from glory to sorrow. German football shirts are in
high abundance these days and are cementing themselves as potential
revenue makers for German clubs. They have an ability to stand out and
be stylish as people are starting to take note.

If you're looking for the Germany football shirt for the national side then click here.

Borussia Monchengladbach Football Shirts


The award for the longest team name in Europe must go to Borussia Monchengladbach, but who cares about that? What about their home football shirt?

Bayern Munich Football Shirts

Bayern Munich Home 0910

The Bayern Munich home shirt for the 09/10 season is once again manufactured by Adidas.

Koln Football Shirts

Koln Home 0910

The Koln home shirt for the 09/10 season is manufactured by Reebok.

Mainz 05 Football Shirts


Nike manufacture the latest Mainz 05 football shirts and I'm afraid to say, they've replicated the golf-club design they used for the Fulham home shirts last season.

Germany Football Shirts


The Germany football shirt for 2007-09 is iconic white and is manufactured by Adidas.

Wolfsburg Football Shirts

Wolfsburg Football Shirt

The Wolfsburg home shirt this year is green and white halved with an old fashioned collar, and that’s it. Manufactured by Nike this shirt wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for the sponsors logo and I’m sure you can see my point on that one.

Werder Bremen Football Shirts

Werder Bremen Home 0910

The Werder Bremen home shirt for the 09/10 season is an absolute corker from Nike.

VFB Stuttgart Football Shirts

VFB Stuttgart Home 0910

The VFB Stuttgart shirt for the 09/10 season is manufactured by Puma.

VFL Bochum Football Shirts


One of the few clubs in the Bundesliga to have their shirts manufactured by Umbro VFL Bochum have gone for two different shades of blue vertical stripes with a very thin white line across the front of the shoulders.

Schalke 04 Football Shirts


Schalke 04 head into their football adventure with pretty much the same style shirt as last season.

Nurnberg Football Shirts

Nurnberg Football Shirts

The Nurnberg home shirt for the 2007-08 season is all red with those famous Adidas stripes running across the shoulders.

MSV Duisburg Football Shirts

MSV Duisburg Football Shirt

It seems that most German clubs love using the colour blue as MSV Duisburg show off their current 07-08 football shirt. Blue and white horizontal stripes with a simple blue rounded collar makes up the design and one that looks pretty good in my eyes.

Karlsruhe Football Shirts

Karlsruhe Football Shirt

The Karlsruher home shirt is dark blue with white and blue arms and a white and blue collar with a black trim. There are white panels running down the sides of the chest. A very nice looking and well
designed shirt.

Hertha Berlin Football Shirts

Hertha Berlin Home 0910

The Hertha Berline home shirt for the 09/10 season is once again manufactured by Nike.

Hansa Rostock Football Shirts

Hansa Rostock Football Shirt

The Hansa Rostock home shirt is light blue with a white neck line and white arms with a light blue trim on the edges. Not sure I really like the sponsors logo being slapped in the middle especially when it is bright red. It takes the eye away from the rest of the shirt which to be fair is quite nice.

Hannover 96 Football Shirts

Hannover 96 Home 0910

The latest Hannover 96 home shirt for the 09/10 season is the kind of top you're either going to love or hate.

Hamburg Football Shirts

Hamburg Home 0910

The Hamburg home shirt for the 09/10 season is once again manufactured by Adidas.

Eintracht Frankfurt Football Shirts

Eintracht Frankfurt Football Shirt

Eintracht Frankfurt’s home shirt is black and red halves with a rounded collar and an all red back with a black arm. Frankfurt have enlarged the stripes from last seasons shirts and I think it looks a lot better. A very basic design and not much going on in terms of style but a very nice shirt nonetheless.

Cottbus Football Shirts

Cottbus Football Shirt

The Cottbus home shirt is a very sleak and novel design with shades of a Monaco shirt of old. That said I like the white stripe through red as these two colours will always prove to be a winning combination.

Borussia Dortmund Football Shirts


Borussia Dortmund's home football shirt lacked something last season and here at World Football Shirts it didn't really get us excited.

Bayern Leverkusen Football Shirts


Bayern Leverkusen have changed the design of their football shirt for the new Bundesliga campaign, while keeping with the traditional club colours.

Arminia Bielefeld Football Shirts

Arminia Bielefeld Home 0910

The Arminia Bielfeld home shirt for the 0910 season is manufactured by Saller and is a very simple blue and black hooped design with a V neck collar.