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Ligue Football Shirts

French football shirts have a rich history and are well known across
the globe, although still over shadowed by the popular greats of Spain,
England and Italy.


French fans love their football just as much as anyone else does and
the sales of French football shirts provides excellent revenue for all
clubs alike.

Here at World Football Shirts we would love to hear what you have to
say about your club’s shirt. So go to the club page of your choice and
let us know what you really think by leaving a comment.

Lens Football Shirts


RC Lens have produced a great home shirt this season and have proved that simplicity is what the French do best, life is never over complicated.

Valenciennes Football Shirts


I like this home shirt a lot, red is a striking colour and I think the thin white lines running from the shoulders to the arms is a different look to what we don’t see on a lot of other shirts this day and age.

Toulouse Football Shirts


Just how many logos can you fit onto one shirt, the answer Toulouse fans is about four. This would have been a great shirt if it had stuck to the game plan, are they really that desperate for money.

St Etienne Football Shirts


Well done Adidas for bringing this fantastic football shirt design to the shores of France, other manufacuters’ take note this is how it is done. Simple and effective, the white and green go together like a fine wine does with cheese.

Sochaux Football Shirts


Wow, these latest Sochaux football shirts are a bit out there, but you know what, I like them quite a lot.

Strasbourg Football Shirts

These latest Strasbourg football shirts are pretty OK without being spectacular.

Rennes Football Shirts


Puma tend to make pretty decent football shirts and these Rennes tops are certainly amongst there best in my opinion.

Paris Saint Germain Football Shirts


Paris St Germain are a house hold name in French football they are graceful and stylish and play with real French passion. So it’s a shame then that neither the home or away shirt are anything like that.

Nice Football Shirts

OK, I think I can wrap these Nice football shirts up pretty quickly in terms of review.

Marseille Football Shirts


The Marseille home shirt is one of pure style, I like white football shirts they look crisp, clean and a real fashion item as well as looking good around the training ground.

Monaco Football Shirts


Of all the Monaco football shirts I’ve seen I have to say I like this home one the most of all. That’s an incredibly bold statement but just look at it, it’s brilliant.

Metz Football Shirts


Plain and simple are two words that spring to mind when thinking about these Metz football shirts, so I’ll keep this review just that.

Lille Football Shirts

Certain manufacturers will stick to one design and that seems to be apparent here, the Lille shirt is the same style as Auxerre but unfortuneatly the red and white doesn’t have the same impact as the blue and white of Auxerre.

Le Mans Football Shirts


I could wear these La Mans football shirts for 24 hours without getting tired. If you don’t care for that joke then I apologise, but I hope you understand why I had to make it.

Lyon Football Shirts


The latest Lyon football shirts aren’t particularly going to set the world of football shirts on fire and I don’t think they at all do justice to a team that is quickly growing in stature.

Lorient Football Shirts

Done well, orange football shirts immediately make us think of the great dutch sides of times gone by. Done poorly they bring back awful memories of playing that yobbish pub team down the park a few weeks back.

Caen Football Shirts

Not sure what to make of the Caen home shirt for this season, it’s not really one of Nike’s better efforts and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Bordeaux Football Shirts

Bordeaux home shirt

These latest Bordeaux football shirts are very Puma in there design, so it’s just as well that it’s them who manufacture them.

Auxerre Football Shirts


The first thing that strikes me about this shirt and what takes my eye is the sponsors logo which also happens to be the manufacturer as well. But for some strange reason having a prowling tiger across the front gives the shirt a some what powerful feel.

AS Nancy Football Shirts

OK, someone please god tell me what’s going on with these AS Nancy football shirts. Someone needs to be held culpable for this and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.