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English Football Shirts

English football shirts sell in high volumes all over the world and its not just the Premiership that has fans from far flung countries.

As players from different nations start to turn out for Championship, League One and League Two sides their nation start to pull on the shirts. 

The football clubs in the English domestic league perhaps come under
the most scrutiny of all, with fans all across the country demanding
quality in return for their annual investment. Choose from the leagues
below to navigate your way to the club you’re looking for.

Bournemouth Football Shirts

Show your support and buy the home, away and third AFC Bournemouth football shirts and be sure to leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Shirts

Wolves FC Logo

Wolves football shirts will always be incredibly popular, due to the fact that Wolverhampton Wanderers are a club with a long and decorated tradition.

West Bromwich Albion Football Shirts


One word sums up this West Brom home football shirt for the 08/09 season - boring.

Watford Football Shirts


Watford have been the classic yo-yo team in recent times, and I’m not just talking about their form on the pitch. They’ve had some pretty good tops to speak of but on the other side of that, they’ve had some absolutely vile ones. How does this effort weigh up?

Stoke City Football Shirts

Stoke City Official Logo

Stoke City have a rich historic footballing tradition and boast some of the best footballers of all time, including or course, Stanley Matthews.

Southampton Football Shirts

Southampton Football Shirt

The Saints will go marching into the new Championship season hoping to get back to the promise land of the Premiership. The club has seen many changes in recent times, including a fantastic new stadium but how do the shirts measure up?

Sheffield Wednesday Football Shirts

Sheffield Wednesday Football Shirt

The blue half of Sheffield are desperate to get back into the big time and Wednesday football shirts will be as in demand as ever as the Owls grapple for success in the Championship.

Sheffield United Football Shirts

Sheffield United Football Shirt

The red half of Sheffield have a massive following and the United shirts are as much in demand now as they’ve ever been. How do we rate the latest Blades shirts?

Scunthorpe Football Shirts

Scunthorpe football shirts are in more demand than ever now they’re
battling it out in the Championship. But are the shirts solid iron or
cheap plastic?

QPR Football Shirts


The Mighty Hoops of QPR have been in the Championship for sometime
now and will be hoping they can mount a challenge to sport their famous

Preston North End Football Shirts

Preston Football Shirt

As one of the oldest clubs in the football league, the white shirtsof Preston North End have been made famous by some fantastic players. But how will the players running out this season fair?

Plymouth Argyle Football Shirts

Plymouth Home Football Shirt

Plymouth have made serious inroads in the Championship over the last couple of seasons but are their shirts worthy of their elevated status?

Norwich City Football Shirts

Norwich Home Football Shirt

Come on Norwich fans, lets be having you on your new shirts. OK, that was an awful joke but the Canaries distinctive yellow and green are always a great starting point to create a unique design. How do the latest efforts weigh up?

Leicester Football Shirts

Leicester Football Shirt

Fans of the Foxes will be hoping that the latest Leicester City football shirts will be the inspiration to fire their team back to the Premiership.

Ipswich Town Football Shirts

Ipswich Home Football Shirt

The Ipswich Town football shirts have gone from pretty adventurous to pretty boring in recent times. So how do the Tractor boys stand with their latest effort?

Crystal Palace Football Shirts

Crystal Palace Shirt

Crystal Palace football shirts have a distinctive red and blue striped design which is distinctive and immediately separates them from other teams. Unfortunately, it often has the potential to look completely awful. But how does this season’s effort weigh up?

Coventry City Football Shirts

Coventry Football Shirt

The sky blue of the Coventry City football shirts is known up and down the country and everything about the club is geared towards playing at the highest standard. How does the kit match up?

Colchester United Football Shirts

Colchester have performed far better than most would have expected
in recent times, but do their shirts match the players achievements on
the pitch?

Charlton Athletic Football Shirts


Charlton Athletic are often considered a ‘family club’ but that doesn’t mean their fans are willing to accept anything less when it comes to their shirts.

Cardiff City Football Shirts

Cardiff City Football Shirt

Cardiff City have a massive following and the majority of their fans will undoubtedly be pulling on the shirt for the current season, as the Bluebirds attempt to continue their upward rise.

Burnley Football Shirts

Burnley Football Shirt

Like the club themselves, Burnley football shirts have a long tradition and the claret and blue of the Turfmoor outfit are known well outside of the Championship.

Bristol City Football Shirts

Bristol City Football Shirt

Bristol City football shirts are empowered to represent half of one of the UK’s largest cities and a club with a massive fan base.

Blackpool Football Shirts


Blackpool football shirts have a lot to match up to now, with the Seasiders in the Championship and playing at their highest standard for some time.

Barnsley Football Shirts


The Barnsley football shirt will be worn with pride on and off the pitch as they battle it out in the Championship. The Yorkshire club will primarily be looking to stay away from League One, and if their kit is anything to go by, they have every chance.

Tottenham Football Shirts

Spurs Logo

Tottenham have a famous tradition of playing fast, attacking football that is very easy on the eye.

Sunderland Football Shirts

Sunderland Logo

Sunderland football shirts traditionally sport red and white vertical stripes.

Portsmouth Football Shirts

Portsmouth Logo

Portsmouth football shirts are normally all blue with white trim but in recent times, red and gold have been introduced as accent colours.

Middlesbrough Football Shirts

Boro Home Football Shirt

Boro have struggled at the start of this season but it is after all a marathon and not a race. Show your support for Gareth Southgate’s

Fulham Football Shirts

Fulham Logo

Fulham football shirts are normally all white with a black trim on the collar and arms.

Derby County Football Shirts

Derby Home Football Shirt

The Rams are back in the Premiership, show your support and grab the home or away Derby County football shirts today.