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Premiership Football Shirts

The football shirts of all the Premiership clubs sell more than any other league in the world, so do you think you’re getting value for money?

Let’s be honest here, Premiership clubs make a hell of a lot of money and I’m of the opinion that the shirts are somthing they could be giving back to the fans by not only selling them at a fair price, but taking on board their valid opinions.

Navigate your way to the club you're looking for from the list below and view, review and buy Premiership football shirts from World Football Shirts.

Swansea City Football Shirts

Swansea City are the first Welsh side to make it to the Premier League and will be attempting to stay in their first season.

Wigan Athletic Football Shirts

Wigan Home Shirt

Wigan football shirts are traditionally blue and white, although the designs can change from season to season.

West Ham Football Shirts

West Ham Logo

West Ham football shirts are normally claret and blue with a white trim.

Manchester City Football Shirts

Man City Logo

Manchester City have for a long time had to live in the shadows of the other team from the city, but that hasn't always been the way.

Liverpool Football Shirts

Liverpool Logo

Liverpool are one of, if not the most successful clubs in English football. They have fans all over the world and boast one of the most impressive trophy cabinets in World Football.

Everton Football Shirts

Everton Logo

Everton are a hugely successful side, with a giant fanbase that reaches much further afield than Liverpool.

Chelsea Football Shirts

Chelsea Badge

Chelsea are now one of the leading names in world football boasting Premiership titles and a Champions League final.

Manchester United Football Shirts


Manchester United football shirts are the most popular selling football jerseys in the entire world.

Arsenal Football Shirts

Arsenal Logo

The Gunners are one of the most successful clubs in English football, both historically and in the modern game.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Shirts

Wolves FC Logo

Wolves football shirts will always be incredibly popular, due to the fact that Wolverhampton Wanderers are a club with a long and decorated tradition.

Stoke City Football Shirts

Stoke City Official Logo

Stoke City have a rich historic footballing tradition and boast some of the best footballers of all time, including or course, Stanley Matthews.

Tottenham Football Shirts

Spurs Logo

Tottenham have a famous tradition of playing fast, attacking football that is very easy on the eye.

Sunderland Football Shirts

Sunderland Logo

Sunderland football shirts traditionally sport red and white vertical stripes.

Portsmouth Football Shirts

Portsmouth Logo

Portsmouth football shirts are normally all blue with white trim but in recent times, red and gold have been introduced as accent colours.

Fulham Football Shirts

Fulham Logo

Fulham football shirts are normally all white with a black trim on the collar and arms.

Bolton Wanderers Football Shirts

Bolton Logo

Bolton football shirts are normally white with black or blue trim on the arms and collar.

Blackburn Rovers Football Shirts

Blackburn Logo

Blackburn football shirts are normally blue and white halves with a red trim.

Aston Villa Football Shirts

Villa Logo

Aston Villa football shirts are traditionally claret and blue but the designs often vary.